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Let Cell Therapies Eradicate Cancer Cells

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Neukio Biotherapeutics on a New Mission

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Building new future in cell therapy

About Neukio

Neukio Biotherapeutics focuses on development of next generation allogenic cell therapies via the iPSC-CAR-NK axis, through internal discovery and external collaboration, with emphasis on innovative immuno-oncology products.


million dollars angel round of financing


Corporate established


square meters of R&D and manufacturing facilities

NK Cell

Natural killer (NK) cells are key players in our immune system. Derived from bone marrow lymphoid stemcells, NK cells are mainly distributed in bone marrow, peripheral blood, liver, spleen, lung, and lymph nodes. Unlike T- and B-lymphocytes, NK cells can recognize and kill a broad spectrum of ‘non-self’ cells, including tumor cells and virally infected cells, without the need for pre-immune activation or sensitization.



Commercial production

Solid tumor


About Founder

Richard Liqun Wang Ph. D., MBA.

-   Founder, Chairman and CEO, Neukio Biotherapeutics

Richard received B.S degree in Cell Biology from the University of Science & Technology of China, Ph.D. in Molecular Biology from the University of Maryland, Baltimore and MBA from Xavier University, in Cincinnati. He obtained postdoctoral training at the National Institutes of Health, USA.