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Neukio Biotherapeutics Reached Strategic Collaboration with Tofflon Science and Technology Group Co. Ltd to Expedite Large-scale Production of Next Generation Allogenic Cell Therapies



China (Shanghai) Pilot Free Trade Zone, March 21, 2023 - Neukio Biotherapeutics (“Neukio”) , a biotech company dedicated to developing scalable iPSC-CAR-NK based allogeneic and homologous cell therapies for solid tumor indications, has announced a strategic collaboration with Tofflon Science and Technology Group Co, Ltd (“Tofflon”) to boost the development and implementation of large-scale production of next-generation allogenic cell therapies, with the official agreement signed on this date.

Tofflon is a comprehensive pharmaceutical equipment supplier with expertise in drug manufacturing science and process equipment manufacturing science, providing process support, core equipment, integrated system and pharma engineering services for the global pharma and biotech industry.

Under the partnership agreement, Neukio and Tofflon will work collaboratively on the process development of cell therapy production, with Neukio providing feedback on the innovative process and Tofflon providing locally-made bespoke equipment and consumable materials. The aim is to explore cell therapy products with better effecacy at a lower cost so as to give full play to locally-produced drugs and accelerate the industry's growth.

"Tofflon has been a crucial partner in our journey to develop innovative general cell products. As a leader in process, equipment, reagents, and local substitutes for consumables, they have brought significant influence to the biopharmaceutical industry.” said Dr Richard Wang, Founder, Chairman and CEO of Neukio. ”I express my gratitude to Tofflon for all their past support in our process development. I look forward to even closer collaboration between us as we scale-up our processes and production. Our strategic partnership will go beyond the supply of equipment and consumables, and we will jointly explore innovation for large-scale cell-production processes to meet unmet medical needs with mass production of new-generation immune cell products.”

"Our team is excited to work with Neukio, who possesses vast experience in cell therapy drug development and have clear, well-defined pipeline targets and global positioning, ”said Mr. Jinsheng Cheng, General Manager for Tofflon.“Tofflon's forte is in supplying techniques, equipment and accompanying consumable materials for cell therapy to ensure they are readily available.  We hope to promote feasible and available cell-based drugs in the market through in-depth cooperation with Neukio, as our contribution to the cell-therapy drug industry and patients' treatment.”


About Neukio

Neukio is an innovative biopharmaceutical company focusing on development of next generation allogenic cell therapies via the iPSC-CAR-NK axis, through internal discovery and external collaboration, with emphasis on innovative immuno-oncology products. Building upon successful experience in commercialization of autologous CAR-T cell therapy products and the last cutting-edge technologies, Neukio's core team has created a pioneering allogeneic immune cell therapy technology and process platform that addresses the limitations of autologous cell therapy, bringing hope of cure to patients world-wide.  

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About Tofflon

Tofflon Science and Technology Group Co., Ltd. (Stock Code: SZ 300171) was founded in 1993 and listed on ChiNex in 2011. Headquartered in Shanghai, Tofflon is a comprehensive pharmaceutical equipment supplier to provide process support, core equipmnets, integrated system and pharma engineering for the pharma and biotech industry in the world. Since its foundation, Tofflon has supplied more than 10000 equipments and systems for 3000 pharmaceutical companies across over 40 countries and regions in the world which have been widely applied in the fields of liquid and lyo injectables, chemical API, bioengineering and pharma packaging, etc. Tofflon undertakes in-depth cooperation with well-known local and foreign drug manufacturers. It has garnered vast experience in drug-manufacturing process, core equipment manufacturing technologies and engineering design. To commit to its mision "Expertise in Pharmaceutical industry", Tofflon will continuously work with pharmaceutical industry to face and meet the challenges and pressures in the industry through developing "innovative drug manufacturing science" and building "advanced drug manufacturing platform". Tofflon dedicates itself to grow from "Equipment Supplier to Solution Provider".