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Neukio Biotherapeutics on a New Mission

Corporate Overview

Neukio Biotherapeutics

Established in June 2021 at the Life Science Park of the Shanghai Free Trade Zone, Neukio focuses on development of next generation allogenic cell therapies via the iPSC-CAR-NK axis, through internal discovery and external collaboration, with emphasis on innovative immuno-oncology products.

The management team has rich cell therapy experience, CEO and other key managers have led the Fosun Kite JV from the start and successfully launched the first CAR-T product Yescarta® commercialization in China (tech transfer, manufacturing, clinical trials and regulatory approval) in less than three years.

Supported by renowned VC investors including Lilly Asia Ventures, IDG Capital and Sherpa Capital, with a $40M angel round funding in August 2021. In September 2022 Neukio has closed $50 million in a Series A-1 funding round that was led by CD Capital, with the participation of Alwin Capital and Surplus Capital as new investors. Existing shareholders Lilly Asia Ventures, Sherpa Healthcare Partners and IDG Capital have continued to support the company with additional funding. G&G Capital served as the exclusive financial adviser. 

Building upon successful experience in commercialization of autologous CAR-T cell therapy products and the last cutting-edge technologies, Neukio’s core team has designed a novel allogeneic immune cell therapy technology and process platform and to address the limitations of autologous cell therapy. The innovation mainly focuses on two aspects: 1) Leveraging the advantages of gene editing technologies to modify unique signaling pathways and/or to engineer transgenes, we can create novel functions and reconstitute immune-response of iPSC-NK to overcome the challenges in treating solid tumors beyond cancer target selection. In addition, knocking-in and expressing target-specific CAR molecules will enhance target dependent cytotoxicity, and NK activation, leading to better clinical efficacy in specific indications. 2) Developing GMP-compliant bioreactor-based 3D suspension process for iPSC differentiation to NK cell and further expansion under perfusion conditions will ensure manufacturing highly pure and homogenic CAR-NK products in scale. Demonstration of clinical safety and efficacy of the engineered products will fulfill the unmet medical needs in solid tumor treatment, and bring hope of cure to patients world-wide.

Our Competitive Advantages

l  Strong cell therapy expertise (CAR-T, CMC, regulatory)

l  Unequivocal innovative pipeline strategy with global reach

l  Parallel approach of internal R&D & external collaborations

l  Highly effective team with strong execution record

l  Supported by renowned investors with shared vision


Development History

  • 2022

    July :Achieved first gene editing

    July :Completed small scale entire process

    September:Completed $50m Series A-1 financing

  • 2021

    June: Neukio Bio was founded in Shanghai Free Trade Zone

    July: Completed $40m Angel round financing

    September: Established Discovery laboratory center

    December: Established GMP-level facility

  • 2022

  • 2021

Corporate vision

Let Cell Therapies Eradicate Cancer Cells

Corporate mission

Focus on Innovative Technology and Therapy Development

Uphold High Quality Standards and Industry Leadership

Corporate value

Honesty and Integrity

Responsibility and Accountability

Respect and Collaboration

Result and Excellence


About Founder

Richard Liqun Wang Ph. D., MBA.

Founder, Chairman and CEO, Neukio Biotherapeutics

Former positions held:

VP & CTO, Fosun Pharma

Founding CEO of Fosun Kite Biotech, completed tech transfer, registration trial and market authorization application for Yescarta in China (the first CAR-T product) in less than three years

COO of CBMG (Cellular Biomedical Group), managed production and clinical trials of stem cell and CAR-T therapies

Head of Operations, GSK R&D Center in China

Director of Alliance, Externalization and Portfolio Management, AstraZeneca Innovation Center China

Associate Director, Discovery Portfolio and Project Management, Bristol-Myers Squibb USA

Group Leader & Principal Scientist, Procter & Gamble Pharmaceuticals, USA

Richard received B.S degree in Cell Biology from the University of Science & Technology of China, Ph.D. in Molecular Biology from the University of Maryland, Baltimore and MBA from Xavier University, in Cincinnati. He obtained postdoctoral training at the National Institutes of Health, USA.